Aquarium Fish

For all carnivour species, such as; Tropical, Cichlid, Salt Water
Live Larvae, Dried Larvae, Larvae Powder
For small fish; Larvae Flour has different sizes of granulated kinds
Frozen Larvae
The product is slowly sink in the water from top to bottom. The product support the development of fish skeleton and it shortens the time of offspring growth.


Live Larvae, Larvae Powder
The product could be mixed with fruit puree or used to cover the other live feed as powder. It is high in calcium and replaceable with calcium powder. Additionally, since it has all other essential nutrients for reptiles, it is much healthier.


Live Larvae, Frozen Larvae, Larvae Powder

Addition to formula it can be mixed as powder it is high in calcium and lauric acid. It increases the efficiency of egg and feather formation.


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TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Mena 2018: Naturansa

“Naturansa produces high-quality protein from edible insect grown through pre-consumer food waste decomposition. We have built scalable technology that produces insect year-round which then get converted into a protein powder. …